You don't have to cheat - cheaters will be banned, survives will be banned again!
  No consoles and iframes on your pages.
  No autohomepage/autobookmark scripts.
  No viruses! Use of spyware/adware/malware is forbidden.
  Use of sponsors like LoudCash(ZangaCash), ZangaToolbar, VideoCash gals and other sponsors with non-standard "codecs" is forbidden.
  Advertising DriveCleaner is forbidden.
  Trades below 15/day will be deleted without notice.
  CONTACT VIA ICQ FOR A HOURLY FORCE (trade acceleration).
  In ICQ messages write only a brief info - your sites, oursites for trades, what daily traffic do you have, etc.
  Force at least 30-50 hits to get your trade activated.
  Your tgp must have at least 50% skim.
  Add to the trade only sites that correspond with the niche of your TGP.
  We can sell Banner ADS, Popunder Traffic, Mobile Traffic, Hard*1ink*s, Ect
Please contact to Alt , Q and TTT about our subnetwork

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